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Tabou Rocket+ CED 2019

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Tabou ROCKET+ CED 2019


The all new Rocket + will make you go faster easier, because being the fastest one at the local spot doesn?t have to be complicated!


+Front V double concave to V in the tail for impressive power
+Thin rails for effortless turning
+Inside strap position for novices and less experienced riders
+Cut-out for less wetted surface in the tail, resulting in great top speed
+Foil ready: strong deep tuttle box that can handle foils with ease


Windsurfers, who want to chase their individual top speed, but don?t want to spare ease of use.

For the Rocket + we decided to use the Rocket as a base to create a user-friendly freerace board, that does not only go fast, butgoes fast easily. This board brings the best from the Manta and the Rocket together to achieve the combination of easy access and stunning performance.

The Rocket + comes with foil ready fin boxes, so even the slightest breeze can be used to chase your speed record. A low entry rocker allows very early planing with great control, while the wider outline on the tail makes that extra leverage possible.

Rocket+ 103 LTD & CED Rocket+ 113 LTD & CED FOIL READY Rocket+ 123 LTD & CED FOIL READY Rocket+ 133 LTD & CED FOIL READY
Volume Volume Volume Volume
103 l 113 l 123 l 133 l
Length Length Length Length
237 cm 237 cm 237 cm 237 cm
Width Width Width Width
69 cm 73 cm 77 cm 81 cm
Weight(*) Weight(*) Weight(*) Weight(*)
Box Box Box Box
Power-Box Foil-Box Foil-Box Foil-Box
Fin  Fin Fin  Fin 
1x FR 36 wet layup / high perform. 1x FR 38 wet layup / high perform. 1x FR 42 wet layup / high perform. 1x FR 46 wet layup / high perform.
Sail Range Sail Range Sail Range Sail Range
5.5 ? 7.7 m² 6.0 ? 8.4 m² 6.5 ? 9.0 m² 7.0 ? 10.0 m²

Hersteller: Tabou
Shape: FreeRace Freeride
Jahr: 2019


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