Vandal Air IQ Touring SUP 2015

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Vandal IQ Touring 12.6 x 30x 6 (305L)

IQ Touring 12.6 -12.5kg

The IQ TOURING 12.6 is designed for long distances. Significantly longer than the rest of the range with a narrower width, it will have you gliding through the water and clocking up the kilometres without even realising it.
The 30 inch width is crucial for cutting through chop and maintaining speed. The introduction of just a larger single fin provides better drive and directional stability.
The IQ TOURING is also one of the lightest weight boards you will find on the market.

Includes fins, pump, repair set and bag


    Single fin set up for speed
    Secure lock in inflation valve
    Slide in and lock fin technology
    Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
    EVA pad on deck
    Soft handle for convenient board carrying
    Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
    Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
    Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
    Easy to use repair set
    On deck rope storage system

SUP-Boards: aufblasbare SUP
Hersteller: Vandal
Jahr: 2015