Vandal Enemy HD 2015

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Vandal Enemy HD 2015

The Enemy comes once again with two versions with a 100% xply material throughout the Enemy HD and a mono film window introduced for the standard Enemy.

The Enemy is our Allround-Wave sail designed to cope with everything there is to be thrown at it. For 2015 we have adapted the concave panel layout to create a better profile for better stability and overall performance.
There is the lightweight 2 ply material in to the upper body of the sail to ensure a low swing weight and lightweight feel in the hand.

A heavy duty, rugged wave sail for all wavesailing conditions - onshore and sideshore
Enemy comes with x-ply/2ply materials and a mono film window
Enemy HD comes with 2ply and x-ply throughout
A lower clew position provides easy control and balance throughout aggressive bottom turns
Dacron luff panel works to either a flat or deep profile depending on the outhaul preference
Folded back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers protects the stitching from grinding on your board and ground
Strap-on systems keeps your sail rolled up tight
For RDM or SDM masts

3.3370 RDM / SDM173401390vario
3.7370 RDM / SDM173641430vario
4.0370 RDM / SDM173761506vario
4.2370 RDM / SDM1738515515vario
4.5400 RDM / SDM194001592,5vario
4.7400 RDM / SDM1940916210fixed
5.0400 RDM / SDM1941616417,5fixed
5.3400 RDM / SDM1942417325fixed
5.7430 RDM / SDM214371777,5fixed
6.2430 RDM / SDM2144518815fixed

Hersteller: Vandal
Jahr: 2015