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Everything You Need to Know About Wetsuits!

The Surfpirates Wetsuit Guide, so you can easily find your wetsuit online!

Hey Surfer! When it comes to surfing, good equipment is essential. And on top of the list is of course the wetsuit. Whether you're looking for a classic wetsuit, a special wetsuit for women, a short neoprene shorty for women or a high-end ION wetsuit - we at have everything your water sports heart desires!

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Want to conquer the waves with style? Then Slingshot is your brand! Since its foundation in 1999, Slingshot has established itself as a pioneer in the world of water sports. And they continue to bring innovative, high-quality equipment to the market that is precisely tailored to your needs. Whether it's kiteboarding or the latest trend in wing surfing, with Slingshot you're always one step ahead.

Slingshot history:
A wave of innovation and quality

The Slingshot story begins in the heart of the water sports community. Since the late 90s, Slingshot has been shaping the scene with a clear philosophy: pushing the boundaries of what is possible while always keeping the community in mind. In every Slingshot product, there is a deep passion for the sport and a relentless pursuit to provide the best possible experience on the water. Surfers all over the world swear by the quality and innovation that Slingshot Germany delivers with every product.

Surf's Up with the extensive product range
from Slingshot

Wing boards and wings

New to the range and immediately popular: Slingshot Wing Boards are your ticket to incredible adventures on the water. Light, stable and super dynamic - perfect for anyone who wants to start wing surfing or improve their skills. And the matching wings? They are of course just as revolutionary, offer top control and are available in different sizes to meet all requirements.

Kitesurfing accessories: kites, SUP boards and foils

Kiteboard Slingshot stands for high performance and quality. Our kites are known for their incredible handling and durability, making them a top choice among professionals. And the SUP boards take your paddling experience to the next level, whether on calm waters or catching waves. But wait until you try the Slingshot Foils - with them you literally glide over the water and feel the freedom that only this sport can offer.

Why you should shop your Slingshot equipment at
Surfpirates is your Slingshot store when it comes to the latest and greatest Slingshot products. Because just like you, we share a passion for water sports and only want the best for our community. Here you will not only find a huge selection of Slingshot products, but also expert advice. We'll help you find exactly what suits you.

Discover the complete range from Slingshot kiteboards to Slingshot foils and experience the difference that quality makes

Get on the wave - with Slingshot from Surfpirates

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, Slingshot has the equipment that not only works, but also inspires you. Want to push the limits? Then Slingshot is your first choice. And the best part? At you not only get top products, but also top service. Check out the Slingshot store on now and start your next adventure. We'll be happy to advise you.

"Slingshot is not just a brand - it's an attitude.
It's about daring to think differently and ride the waves differently."

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Slingshot Get ready for your next big wave!

Click through our Slingshot store and find everything you need for your next big water sports adventure. Slingshot is more than just equipment - it's a way of life. Get the best of the best and be ready to conquer the waves with Slingshot Germany. Don't wait, do it - Slingshot Sports and Surfpirates are ready when you are!

Get on the board and let's rock the waves together - with Slingshot, only at