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Core GTS 6

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Core GTS 6

Explosive and radical when it comes to hard-hitting freestyle or megaloops. Comfortable and balanced in demanding conditions.
Experience the new and perfect precision of the GTS6.

Seeing your GTS vertically in front of you or even below you at breathtaking heights gives you an incomparable feeling. Angely, Steven and Joshua know exactly how it feels - let yourself be carried away!

Our latest high-tech material makes the GTS6 even lighter.

Define new limits, far away from your usual comfort zone! The brand new GTS6 awakens the wild animal in you. Reward yourself with breathtaking megaloops and consummate precision made in Germany. The GTS6.

The impressive power of the GTS is no longer a secret among hardcore freestyle fans. Again and again it is the main actor when it comes to fat megaloop sessions. But also its compensatory abilities in gusty conditions are worth a mention. Absolute profile stability and a linear power development characterize the comfort of the GTS on unforgettable downwind trips, with the kite always ready to bare its teeth on demand. Drifting and turning are among its easiest tasks, which is why it's just as fun in the waves.

What's New. We have optimized the leading edge and realized a significant improvement of the struts. With a subtly increased diameter, the particularly light ExoTex Light Struts are more torsionally stiff and thus enable a sportier flight behavior with more aggressive punch in loops. All the characteristics that have made the GTS5 so popular are also found in the sixth generation. The three-strut basic structure and the Future-C shape still form the basis for this extreme athlete. Call us obsessive, but after testing the GTS6 so long and extensively, we are firmly convinced that this kite simply rocks! Test it out for yourself and let us know if you agree.

The GTS6 is now available for testing. Make your own picture and feel the legendary performance with which this kite has become the undisputed megaloop master!

For whom is the GTS6 suitable?
You demand enormous power from your kite in loops? Megaloop board-offs are part of your repertoire, or at least on your training agenda? Are your surfboard aerials on the same high level as your twintip tricks? If you can answer all these questions with a "yes", the GTS6 is exactly your kite!