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Everything You Need to Know About Wetsuits!

The Surfpirates Wetsuit Guide, so you can easily find your wetsuit online!

Hey Surfer! When it comes to surfing, good equipment is essential. And on top of the list is of course the wetsuit. Whether you're looking for a classic wetsuit, a special wetsuit for women, a short neoprene shorty for women or a high-end ION wetsuit - we at have everything your water sports heart desires!

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The Duotone product variety online

Duotone, formerly known as North Kiteboarding and part of the renowned Boards&More family, has not only made a name for itself over the years, but has also revolutionized the way we practice water sports. With an unwavering focus on innovation, performance and sustainability, Duotone has set the bar high and offers a product range that inspires both beginners and professionals:

Part of a story - Duotone Sports

You've come to the right place to become part of a story as deep and exciting as the sea itself. Immerse yourself in the world of Duotone, a brand that has developed into an established water sports brand under the umbrella of Boards&More.

From North Kiteboarding to Duotone:
A journey through innovation & passion

Duotone stands for more than just high-quality watersports equipment; it is a symbol of innovation, sustainability and an insatiable love of the sea. Duotone represents the best of both worlds - reliability and experience combined with a fresh, innovative approach that constantly redefines the boundaries of what is possible.

The Duotone promise:
Equipment that leaves nothing to be desired

At you will find the complete Duotone range, covering every facet of water sports. From the revolutionary design of the Duotone Wing Boards, which let you fly over the water, to the powerful Duotone Wings, which offer you unprecedented freedom. Discover the following Duotone brand products here:

Duotone Wing Boards:
The boards are not only proof of Duotone's innovative spirit, but also your ticket to infinite freedom on the water. With designs that perfectly balance stability and agility, they are ideal for surfers who want to test limits and discover new horizons.

Duotone Wings:
The wings from Duotone are known in the scene for their exceptional quality and performance. Whether you want to cruise in light breezes or dominate the waves in strong winds, these wings give you the power and control you need.

Duotone Bars:
Bars are the heart of your kite equipment, and Duotone knows that! With an unrivaled blend of safety, comfort and performance, the Duotone Bars give you the confidence to tackle any condition.

Windsurf Boards, Sail, Poles and forked trees from Duotone:
Duotone also has a comprehensive range for windsurfers. From light and maneuverable boards that catch every gust to Duotone kites that deliver maximum performance in any wind force. With the matching masts and booms, your Duotone windsurfing equipment is not only complete, but also perfectly coordinated.

Duotone online at Surfpirates

We at Surfpirates are proud to be part of the Duotone family and to offer their products online. Not only do we share their passion for watersports, but also their commitment to quality and sustainability. By offering the full range of Duotone products, we ensure that you find the equipment that not only suits your style but also ignites your passion for the sport. We are also happy to advise you further!

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Your Duotone adventure starts here

Whether you're taking your first steps on a board or already mastering the waves, Duotone and offer you the equipment, support and inspiration you need to live your passion for water sports. Discover the world of Duotone now and become part of a movement that knows no boundaries.