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Everything You Need to Know About Wetsuits!

The Surfpirates Wetsuit Guide, so you can easily find your wetsuit online!

Hey Surfer! When it comes to surfing, good equipment is essential. And on top of the list is of course the wetsuit. Whether you're looking for a classic wetsuit, a special wetsuit for women, a short neoprene shorty for women or a high-end ION wetsuit - we at have everything your water sports heart desires!

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Discover the world of SUP & Surf

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of stand-up paddling (SUP) and surfing. These two fascinating surfing disciplines combine skill, balance and pure joy on the waves! Whether you have just discovered your passion for SUP or are already an experienced surfer riding the waves in the classic way, at we offer you the ideal equipment for your next SUP adventure. Here you will find a wide range of manufacturers such as Fanatic SUPs, Naish boards, Torque surfers and much more.


Our SUP & Surf category not only provides you with everything you need to know about stand up paddling, but also about classic surfing! From choosing the right equipment to the latest trends in the SUP scene. Ready for the wave of your life? With the best products and insider tips from our SUP community, we'll make your surfing experience unforgettable and exciting. Let's redefine the limits on the water together!

Did you know?
The origins of SUP: a brief look at the history of stand-up paddling

Stand-up paddling" has its roots in the traditions of Polynesian fishermen who navigated standing up on their canoes. This technique was adapted by surf instructors in Hawaii in the 1960s in order to have a better overview of their students. From this practical application, SUP developed into an independent and globally popular water sport. Today, SUP combines surfing with paddling and offers a variety of ways to explore waters of all kinds.


Differences between surfboards and SUP boards

Surfboards for classic surfing and SUP boards differ in several key aspects, each tailored to the specific requirements and techniques of the two sports.

  SUP Surf (Surfing)
Dimensions Between 4.25m and 2.1m with a volume between approx. 80L-300L Between 3m and 1.7m with a volume between approx. 25L-120L
Maneuverability better stability for easier standing on the board more agile for quick changes of direction and tricks
Construction method As a rule, hardboards are made in sandwich construction. Inflatables are the easy-to-store, inflatable and cheaper alternative, but they also have to make significant compromises in terms of performance. Foam core laminated with polyester or epoxy resin. Additionally reinforced with carbon or wood stringers.
Areas of application From sup packing, sporty paddling on flat water, yoga, to surfing the smallest to biggest waves in the world - an extremely wide range of use depending on the board. For exclusive use in waves of any height, depending on the board.

Tips for buying a surfboard

When buying a surfboard, it is important to choose a surfboard that suits your ability. Beginners benefit from larger, wider boards that make learning easier. Advanced surfers often prefer shorter, narrower boards for more maneuverability in the waves. Also consider where you'll be surfing - smaller waves call for a longboard, while shortboards work better in bigger waves. Set yourself a budget, but remember that quality is key, especially if you already know how to surf. Try out different boards and get tips from experienced surfers and in our store to find the ideal surfboard for you!


SUP: What do you need?

When it comes to stand up paddling, or SUP for short, the enthusiasm is huge and the possibilities are almost limitless. Whether you want to glide on calm lakes or surf the waves of the sea, SUP offers something for everyone. But what do you actually need for this fascinating hobby? The basic equipment consists of a SUP board, a paddle and the right neoprene clothing. At you'll find a wide range of SUP equipment to suit your needs.


Which SUP equipment for beginners, which for pros?

The selection of a suitable SUP board should be based on certain criteria such as length, width and volume.

Beginners should start with a stable and wider board that offers more safety and balance. A so-called all-round SUP is an excellent choice here. Advanced and professional riders, on the other hand, often opt for narrower and faster boards, such as surf SUP boards, which are specially designed for higher speeds and maneuverability. When it comes to paddles, the following applies: lighter paddles made from materials such as carbon are better suited to experienced SUPers, while beginners are well advised to use aluminum paddles.


How do I find my ideal SUP equipment and what should I look out for when buying?

When buying a SUP board, you should pay attention to the length, width and volume of the board. At you can choose from a wide range of SUP materials. Simply put your SUP equipment together yourself. Pay attention to the material of the board, for example. Inflatable SUPs (iSUPs), for example, are easy to transport and store, while rigid boards always offer better performance on the water.ine bessere Performance auf dem Wasser bieten.

SUP boards for every application

Not every SUP board is suitable for every use. Do you mainly want to stand up paddle on lakes and rivers or are you planning to use your board for action-packed surfing? For calm waters, we recommend wider and longer boards that offer good stability and gliding properties. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of surfing, special SUP boards for surfing are a good choice. These are generally shorter and more maneuverable. This helps you to master waves better.

Practical accessories for your SUP adventure

In addition to the board and paddle, there are also other practical SUP accessories to enhance your SUP experience. These include waterproof bags to keep your valuables dry, leashes to connect you to the board and, of course, the right clothing.

Buying SUP made easy

When deciding to buy a stand up paddle, you should consider what type of paddling you prefer. At we are happy to help you find the perfect SUP to suit your style and needs. We offer a wide range of boards, from all-rounders to specialized surf SUPs.

Versatile & exciting

Stand up paddling and surfing are versatile and exciting sports that have something to offer everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the right equipment is crucial for a great SUP experience. At you will find a large selection of surf or SUP boards, paddles and everything else you need to have fun on the water.