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Dakine Fixed Lines White

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Dakine Fixed Lines White


Dakine Fixed Line windsurf harness 8-prestretched FSE Robline® rope has repeatedly proven to be particularly powerful and reliable in the toughest conditions. Due to the robust Polyurethane hose coating Dakine Fixed Line rope is extremely resistant strain. Gabelbaumpads non-slip material provide security and allow you optimal control over your rig.

Correct position for your Harness you'll find on land. pit your sails to the wind and get fully dense, so that the center of effort is exactly between your hands. This point you now choose as the center of your harness. So automatically a slight driver pushes the rope forward and a heavier rider to the back.



  • 8-fold pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope
  • High density and stable polyurethane hoses
  • Anti-slip boom pads
  • Fixed size

The following lengths are usually recommended for windsurfing:
Height                       rope-length
<1.60 m                   20-24 inches
1.60 to 1.75 meters  22-26 inches
1.75 to 1.90 meters  24-28 inches
> 1.90m                   26-32 inches

In addition, you should also refer to the type of trapezoid consideration when choosing your harness. When seat harness you need anything longer than the harness waist harness because the hooks and center of gravity sit here deeper.

Available lengths
    22'' [56cm]
    24'' [61cm]
    26'' [66cm]
    28'' [71cm]
    30'' [76cm]
    32'' [81cm]


60% polypropylene, 10% polyurethane, 30% nylon

Brands: Dakine
Year: 2020