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MYSTIC Majestic Fullsuit 5/3mm Bzip

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MYSTIC Majestic Fullsuit 5/3mm Bzip

This back-zip suit is jam-packed with new features. First and foremost, the rubber in this suit is Yamamoto 39. A premium Japanese limestone neoprene with insane thermal and stretch properties. To improve stretch and heat even more we’ve Knitflex+ and Flaremesh+. Knitflex+ is an outer lining that stretches better and hold less water. Flaremesh+ is our new quick-dry inner lining with a geometrical pattern to improve stretch. We've reinforced the single lined Wind Mesh panels making them sturdier while still reducing wind chill. With the Majestic you can face the cold!
Hersteller: Mystic
Geschlecht: Herren
Neoprendicke: 5/3mm - 5/4mm
Größe: S/48M/50L/52XL/54XXL/56MT/98LT/102MS/25LS/26
Jahr: 2020