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Reedin DreamStickX 22+2 2024

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639,00 €
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Reedin DreamStickX V2

Equipped with our proven monobloc centerline, the DreamStick X offers the best possible solution for
best possible solution for automatic panning and guarantees freedom of
freedom of movement so you can steer and depower at the same time. This is proven to be
the absolute most popular auto-swivel solution for riders worldwide. The system allows the rotation of flag lines and front lines, and ensures extreme safety when opening the quick release.
The DREAMSTICK X is now equipped with SK99 Cousin flying lines, which are thinner, stronger and more durable, offering less drag and a faster more responsive kite. Together with all the other features, the DREAMSTICK X really is a dream to hold.

What's new:

  • SK99 flying lines. 20% stronger and 30% more resistant to more resistant than conventional Dyneema
  • AutoSwivel technology 2. allows the flag line to rotate with the body to prevent unraveling.
  • Easy Bend Floater New floater designs give a very connected and direct feeling with the kite
Brands: Reedin
Year: 2024