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The Kite and Windsurfing Guide

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The first comprehensive spot guide to the kite- and windsurfing areas of the world! In 9 continental chapters nearly 100 regions are presented and more than 1.200
of the world's best spots are described. Illustrated with breathtaking pictures as well as detailed spot maps for each region and underpinned with in-depth analyses of wind, weather and wave conditions throughout the year and the resulting best time to travel. In addition, authentic travel tips provide essential information on what to expect in each region and what is important for a successful trip. And last but not least, the book contains local contact addresses for stores, shapers, schools and stations, as well as accommodations, restaurants, rental car providers and other insider tips for each region.

Continental chapters included in the WORLD GUIDE: Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands, North America, Central America & Caribbean,
South America

"The effort to produce the 320-page work was gigantic: as with the EUROPE GUIDE, all the information was gathered exclusively
first hand from hundreds of experienced locals on the spot. In addition, more than 50 pro riders, world champions and legends of our sport have contributed their
know-how and experience. The Wall-of-Fame is adorned with names like Antoine Albeau, Kristin Boese, Pete Cabrinha, Bjørn Dunkerbeck, Aaron Hadlow,
Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Ben Wilson and many, many more - a Who's Who of the entire kite and windsurf scene. Last but not least the archives of the
100 of the world's best surf photographers and selected the best 700 images for the book from over 20,000 action and travel shots."


The ultimate spot guide for kite and windsurfing in Europe in a completely revised new edition: over 40,000 coastal kilometers, 17 countries and
gigantic 2,500 spots, that's another 50 percent more spots than before! With all information about wind and waves, conditions on the water and the situation on land.
and the situation on land. Qualified first-hand spot info, illustrated with over 1,200 fascinating pictures from the best surf photographers on the continent and detailed spot maps.
continent and detailed spot maps for each region. Plus travel information about the country and its people as well as insights into the local kite and windsurf scene.
In addition, a comprehensive introduction to the meteorology and oceanography of Europe and detailed analyses of the weather conditions and wind systems relevant for kitesurfers and windsurfers.
weather conditions and wind systems including wind statistics, temperature and swell charts. 464 pages of information and inspiration - a must-have for every
kite- and windsurf traveler!
Countries included in the new EUROPE GUIDE: Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France,
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Canary Islands.

"Besides the great experience of rediscovering an old love, this project held other surprises for us. Above all, we never
never thought it would take on such proportions! On the one hand, the rapid development of our sport (in the case of kiting, obviously, but thanks to new
material and a broad increase in windsurfing skills) has significantly changed the situation at the spots in the last 10 years.
On the other hand, more and more new spots appeared. So a simple update was not enough, in the end the number grew by almost 50 percent to a gigantic
to a gigantic 2,500 spots! Of course, this also meant completely new spotmaps and last but not least a "big raid" in the archives of the best surfphotographers of the
of the best surf photographers on the continent to select the best 1,200 out of 38,000 photos for the book and to raise the image quality to a new level.
quality to a new level. What presented us with considerable challenges over the past three years makes the result all the more valuable now.
now all the more valuable. 464 pages of inspiration and information. With this guide you can go to any remote corner and you will always find the right place at the right time.
always find the right place for your session at the right time."